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Learn 5 addition techniques and some examples

Today, we introduced five techniques. They are very helpful and can help you add faster and get the correct answer every time.

1. Count from the number

Start with one of the numbers and continue counting.

For example: 7 + 2

  • Start on 7
  • Count 2 more…until you hit 9
  • So, 7 + 2 =…

The Open System Interconnection model was the first standard model for communication and adopted in 1980 by all major computer and telecommunication companies.

But the modern internet is not based on OSI, modern internet is based on the TCP/IP model. However, the OSI model has seven layers.

OSI Model Seven Layers Top to Down

OSI Model Explained…

Google is rolling out a new update for Android TV, giving the Smart TV OS a whole new look-almost the same UI as the Google TV software on the company’s latest Chromecast. The new interface refreshes the appearance of Android TV to make it more in line with the requirements…

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